DrumTracker II

DrumTracker II  Barcode / RFID System:

The DRUM TRACKER II barcode / RFID system has been custom designed for use within the CSN system.  The system allows users to track their container/lading via the Internet website.  Our handheld readers can scan your container at any location.  This information is transferred via a secure wireless connection to the CSN World-Wide server system.  Personnel with the proper security clearance will be able to immediately view the location, status, and contents of their containers anywhere in the world.  This unique system allows companies to know if they have containers at customer locations that require pick-up or if they are at a reconditioning facility ready to send to the filler.  This feature provides unprecedented cost savings in supply chain management.

There is no software or hardware purchase required to use DrumTracker II.  A one-time fee per container and nominal usage charge will allow customers to use DrumTracker II.  DrumTracker II will then track the container for the duration of its life.  The system runs on Microsoft Pocket PC and Windows Mobile 5/6 platforms with a SQL backbone.


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The CSN Process:

1.      A bar code label or RFID tag is placed on a new, reconditioned, or existing container.
2.      The CSN container is filled and sent to your customer.
3.      Your customer will use the multi-trip Closed-Loop-Container filled with your lading.
4.      When the customer is finished with the product, they can disconnect the container with little or no exposure to the dispensed lading. (If applicable)
5.      When the CSN container is empty, the customer can call CSN on a toll free number to have the container picked up and returned for reconditioning or recycling.
6.      All CSN containers are tracked at every point of the supply chain.
7.      Data collection is relayed via the Internet to a secure website.  The current location and status of the container can be viewed 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
8.      Inventory management reports including location, status, duration at location, exception notifications, etc. are available instantly any time or on any schedule.
9.      Containers remain the property of the original filler or as directed.

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